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About Us

When Debbie Grossman opened Fressers Eatery in 1999, she wanted a place where anybody and everybody could eat; meat eaters, vegetarians, low sodium, gluten free, vegan.  She made sure her crew knew the importance of respecting special diets and that her customers were comfortable eating at her restaurants..

"Today, with so many food allergies and special diets, we are even more committed to providing just what the customer wants.  And if we can't, we will tell you," Debbie said.

Fressers began as a little cafe and grew into a full service restaurant and catering business. They are now back to their roots as a small cafe with a big bang and a diverse catering business and particularly love participating in local events, craft shows, and concerts.

From burgers to beef tenderloin... you name it, they can cook it!

Whenever we are visiting the Plateau, we always try and time it during one of the

Cashiers Groovin' on the Green nights.  We were very excited to see the addition of the

Hitchin' Kitchen to these events so now we don't have to worry about taking 

food with us.  The burgers and fries are freshly grilled and we can even order appetizer plates ahead of time and they will be waiting for us at "the Green."   Super easy.  

Morgan and Mike, Atlanta and Highlands

Born and raised in Branford, Connecticut, Debbie grew up around restaurants.  Her grandparents owned a luncheonette and her earliest memories were family gatherings around the lunch or dinner table.  Looking back, she describes her family as the definition of foodies.  "Sometimes I think we grew up around the kitchen table.  Holidays always meant a house full and Sundays were for grandparents and other relatives and friends," Debbie explains, 

"No matter what, as we grew up we were home for dinner!"

Debbie went to Syracuse University and The Culinary Institute of America.

Her externship was at Windows on the World in Manhattan.  After graduating she moved south to Atlanta where she worked in small, independent restaurants and cafe's.  In 1994 she opened the Brookhaven Cafe in Atlanta but the mountains were calling.  She bought the building she is currently in on Oak Street in Highlands and has been cooking and catering for The Plateau since 1999.

Most days you can find Debbie working the register, the grill, or

just chatting with her many loyal customers at Fressers Courtyard Cafe in downtown Highlands.  Stop in and say hi.

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